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(Model: SR-1790) Electronic Buttonhole Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers, Dealers in Mumbai India
(Model: SR-1790) Electronic Buttonhole Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers, Dealers in Nagpur India

(Model: SR-1790) Electronic Buttonhole Machine

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This machine comes with the latest model operation panel which is installed with a USB port. Furthermore, all drive mechanisms have been digitalized to manage each sewing pattern individually.
The knife supports sewing lengths of 41mm at the maximum. Since the SR-1790 is provided as standard with the 120mm presser, it is capable of sewing 120mm long buttonholes. The SR-1790 is capable of sewing long buttonholes such as belt holes in car seats. In addition, it is applicable to the sewing of buttonholes in men's shirts (continuous sewing of two buttonholes and the use of two units of sewing machines), etc.
This machine is able to achieve high quality sewing even at its highest speed of 4,200 rpm.
With the adoption of new-type thread trimming mechanism, it is no longer required to snip off the end of thread.
The feeding and needle bar mechanisms are driven by a stepping-motor capable of analyzing as precise as 0.05mm, which ensures beautiful and quality seam.
By setting the sewing speed of the first 5 stitches on the control panel, the machine starts working at low speed, which can largely prevent thread breakage and fraying at the beginning of sewing.
Bartacking can be activated through electronic operation, preventing unthreading of the thread that is likely to occur at the end of sewing.
Suitable for buttonholing on shirts, uniforms etc.

Features of :
* Unique electronic yarn clamping mechanism.
* High-precision stepper motor.
* Multifunction of operation panel.
* Suitable for variety fabrics.
* Excellent cost effective.

Applications :
Used to make pant, shirt, dresses and various parts of apparels.

Model NameMax Sewing speedSize of cloth cutting knifeBartacking widthButtonhole lengthwork clampstandard patternspatterns can inputMachine head drive systemNeedle
SR-17904,200spm6.4~31.8mmMax. 5.0mmMax. 41mm14mm31 patternsMax. 99 patternsCompact AC servomotor#11J~#14J