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(Model: SR-801) Rib Cutting Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers, Dealers in Mumbai India
(Model: SR-801) Rib Cutting Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers, Importers, Dealers in Nagpur India

(Model: SR-801) Rib Cutting Machine

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An automatic rib cutting machine helps to get the roll of ribs. An operator needs to feed the cloth roll into the machine and specify the rib width. machine operator needs to guide fabric. This machine cut fabric a specified width and winded up into a roll automatically.

This machine not only cuts knitted ribs, it can be also used to cut woven fabric tape or fabric stripe. Fabric tapes are commonly used in binding garment and clothes edges.

The automatic rib wire cutting machine measures and cuts rib wires to be used for making screens. The cutting machine uses a spool table with break to allow the wire to spin off freely. The machine Utilizes a wire pull motor to assist the wire into the rollers. An encoder wheel measures the wire while coming off of the spool. A pneumatic shear cuts the wire at the programmed length. The wires then fall into a tray for the cut wire to rest in. A small control box is used to program cutting length and quantity.

Ribs are one kind of knits fabric. Fabric ribs are normally attached to necks, sleeve hems, and bottom hem. Maintaining equal width of the rib is very important to produce the quality garment. Good look of the garment depends on the finish of the neckline. When factories cut ribs manually (using straight knife cutting) they can’t make roll of ribs and ribs are not continuous in length. It reduces the productivity of the machinist who operates rib attaching machine.

Features of :
• Control Box with Digital Read Out
• Steel Frame
• Spool with Brake
• Wire Pull Motor/Wheels
• Wire Straightener
• Encoder Wheel
• Pneumatic Scissor Cutter
• Tray for Cut Wire
• Equipment Guard
• Roll Very fast

Applications :
Used to cut ribs, Kintwear, woven fabric, Lycra, Denim, tape or fabric stripes